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Schwäbische Post
Instrumente für indisches Krankenhaus 

Schwäbische Post

It has been my observation...specifically over the last ten years... that when a patient improves or gets cured from any nagging painful or troublesome condition....the improvement in life quality is far more than one that can be expected from just curing the concerned condition.
Two important models that I treat frequently are that of chronic Sciatica-Lumbar canal stenosis spectrum and the other is trigeminal neuralgia.
In chronic low back pain-Sciatica-neurogenic Claudication spectrum, improved or cured patients are not only pain free but better off psychologically and cognitively.
Other parameters like diabetes and effort tolerance also improve. (which may be additionally due to improved ability to walk and exercise ).
That is the reason why tolerating pain and increasing your tolerance for it beyond a point is of limited value. Also using drugs to alleviate pain on chronic basis is of limited value.
Recent studies done with f-MRI (functional MRI) have shown that there are Brain changes in the patients with chronic pain.
Loss of Grey matter, increase in the size of pain perception-decoding area and reduction in total brain volume has been shown.
Good news is that curing or significantly improving the pain can reverse this if pain is treated by surgery or other interventions. Chronic medical treatment is a bad idea here if other forms of cure are available for the condition.
I am sharing this news in todays Times of India which highlights a patient from Mauritius who came to us about a month ago and I operated on his trigeminal neuralgia on the 13th of April.
Before coming here, he had gone literally from pillar to post searching for cure. He travelled to Europe where he was again put on increased doses of medication....completely missing the point that the numbing drugs in high dosage were increasing his cognitive impairment already caused by chronic neuralgia.
I am sure that the next few years will further bring out the brain volume and qualitative changes
caused by chronic pain.


......Jaydev Panchawagh

The Times of india
 "winking disease" can be cured

 Coverage of one very disabling disorder.....Hemifacial spasms.....which I had named as the Winking disease some years back.
Times has nicely presented this subject and also our 10 years surgical experience about this disorder.
One can also see the videos we have made on this subject.....

 In 12 Jahren 950 Patienten erfolgreich an der Krankheit
"Trigeminal Neuralgia" operiert.

Right diagnosis of ´suicide disease´help recovery

The Times of India
 Hilfe mit Herz und Technik 

medizin & technik

Know about Trigeminal Neuralgia                                                                                  The Indian Express   

  "Suicide disease"

Trigeminal Neuralgia

943 Patienten konnten erfolgreich mit unserem Mikroskop operiert werden 

Trigeminal neuralgia has been infamous due to the fairly justified name-tag of "Suicide Disease". 



„Wem eigene Schmerzen erspart bleiben, der muss sich aufgerufen fühlen, die Schmerzen anderer zu lindern.“ -Albert Schweitzer                                                            Dr. Jayadev Panchawagh

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